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Dust Control

Chuck's Feed and Grain will be applying dust control {lignin sulfate} on county roads, private driveways and parking lots this spring summer.

As you have experienced in the past, the lignin sulfate {a wood by product} will reduce dust problems, is enviromentally safe and rinses easily off vehicles without damage. At least two applications is recommended for good dust control. 300 feet or more does give you the best results.

We ask you to please mark or flag the length of road that you would like to be treated; Do not blade signs are recommended.

If this is a residential area and neighbors will be sharing in the cost, please coordinate one payment to Chuck's Feed and Grain.

Price for 2016 are listed below.  Pricing may change based on time of year and distance we must drive if the application needed is quite small.  You can call 507-875-2247

1st application is 75 cents per foot {tax included}

2nd application is 72 cents per foor (tax included}

Example 300 feet x .75 = $225.00

Example 300 feet x .72 = $216.00

Chloride flakes are available for self application.  Please call for more information

We will apply the first application of ligin sulfate starting in May, weather permitting. Please contact us when your road has been bladed. To keep costs down. we would like to cover as many customers in an area as possible.

Chuck's Feed and Grain look forward to working with you.  If you have questions or would like us to send you an application,

please contact us at 507-875-2247.

Thank You

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