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 Mike Eidenshink purchased the business in 2010 and with the help of many dedicated current and former employees and with loyal customers, he has significantly expanded CFG.In the 1980's, all of the old bulk feed bins were removed from the basement of the mill and new grain bins were installed outside.  The corn drying system was relocated and warehouse space was increased from 2500 to 9000 square feet with a new roof also added.  The feed and grain business has continued to steadily grow.  The office was remodeled to add two more offices.  In the 1990's, improvements included a 3 ton mixer and a double roller mill to replace old equipment in the basement and a new elevator leg was installed to move the feed. In addition,  a truck scale that would weigh semis was added next to the dryer system with a 500 bushel dump pit to move the grain. The drying system has seen many changes with dryers and bins removed and new larger ones installed.CFG began with one 6 ton bulk truck and presently has 9 ton and 12 ton bulk trucks,  a semi and two trailers to haul grain and feed products.The drying system had 40 thousand bushel grain storage and an American batch dryer that could dry a maximum of 125 bushels per hour. CFG now has 350,000 bushel grain storage capacity and a computerized tower dryer capable of 1500 bushels per hour. To our customers, this means no longer do they have to wait while CFG catches up the drying process and no more staying up all night to dry corn.Chuck's Feed and Grain is continually looking for ways to improve service to our customer.   We have thrived because of the continued patronage of our loyal customers. We are appreciative!